Volunteer lawyers in our "Honrar La Vida" Foundation

Volunteer Lawyers in our “Honrar La Vida” Foundation

Did you know? Every February 3rd is celebrated the International Lawyer’s Day (Volunteer Lawyers in our “Honrar La Vida” Foundation).

Volunteer Lawyers in our Foundation “Honrar La Vida”

Are professionals who are responsible for exercising an essential task such as the legal defense of natural persons and have various specializations; each branch has a law that supports its legal application, meant to specialization.

We have great experience in the defense of individual rights and together with Volunteer Lawyers in our “Honrar La Vida” Foundation, we form a strategic alliance, whose main objective is to advise and promote the defense and protection of the right, especially the right to health.

That is why we help people with limited economic resources to have legal defense counsel qualified to enforce their rights. The rates are affordable and equitable social to develop the relevant judicial process.




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