26 de junio Día Internacional contra el Trafico Ilícito y Abuso de Drogas

June 26 International Day against Illicit Traffic and Drug Abuse

June 26 International Day against Illicit Traffic and Drug Abuse

The UN General Assembly, on December 7, 1987, approved the creation of a day on June 26 of each year, dedicated to raising awareness in the world against illicit traffic and the abuse of drug consumption.

During this day campaigns are carried out, where they highlight the importance of good communication that parents have with their children, to encourage parents to talk with their children (children and / or adolescents) about the damage and danger caused by the consumption of drugs, for the welfare of their children, families and communities.

As well as highlighting the dangers that a person runs when they consume drugs not only in terms of their health, but also entering into contacts with the person of the bad life who traffic in drugs.

That day actions and cooperation are reinforced in order to achieve a society free of drug trafficking and consumption, because in the absence of demand, the offer is neither attractive nor lucrative for the trafficker. That is the result that a society of zero consumption and zero drug traffic is expected.

The member countries comply with the recommendations, objectives and strategies of the Plan of Action on Cooperation against the World Drug Problem, proposed by the General Assembly, in order to reduce supply and demand until its total eradication. As well as talks about the psychological problem faced by addicted people and help them for their rehabilitation, creating and equipping rehabilitation centers.

This proposal also deals with the human rights of the members of the communities, especially young people, children and women. And highlight the importance of enforcing the laws that govern drug-related crimes.

On this day we seek to strengthen international cooperation and every day more countries join this fight.

Say no to drugs. The Honoring Life Foundation supports this UN initiative for a world free of illicit drugs.

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