¿Sabía que el desayuno, es importante para la salud cardiovascular?

Breakfast is important for cardiovascular health

Breakfast is important for cardiovascular health.

Eating a healthy and balanced breakfast is important for cardiovascular health. Recent studies indicate that having low-calorie breakfast (5%) of the total calories of the recommended daily is not enough to start the day, for example a 2000 calories per day diet, breakfast would be 100 calories, and this doubles the risks of cardiovascular problems. This study showed more than 4,000 middle-aged people, divided into 3 groups, according to their breakfast habits. The first group (27%) ate breakfast with high energy value with more than 20% of the daily calories. The second group (70%) ate breakfast of low energy value between 5 and less than 20% of the daily calories. The third group (3%) ate very little less than 5% of the daily calories, just a coffee or orange juice or did not eat breakfast.

According to the results, the third group (3%) followed an unbalanced diet and had a higher cardiovascular risk, since their medical treatment did not yield the expected results due to poor diet and unhealthy habits. For example, the atherosclerotic plaques increased up to 1.5 times more and other affectations up to 2.5 times more than the rest of the groups.

On the other hand, the first group (27%) that had a healthy breakfast with a higher energy value, medical treatment had an effect, independently of the presence of cardiovascular risk factors and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

This study confirms the importance of a good healthy breakfast and high energy value, for cardiovascular health. That includes fruits, cereals and proteins, little fat, little salt and little sugar, according to the recommendation of your doctor, this type of breakfast is more effective to avoid fat plates and atherosclerotic lesions, this is due to the energy intake in the morning affects the biological clock of the hypothalamus, since they spend more hours satisfied, than those who skip breakfast who eat all day in a disorderly manner affecting the metabolism even more.

In conclusion, breakfast is very important for cardiovascular health, it most be healthy, balanced and high energy value. Do not forget to check with your nutritionist to prepare the right diet for your needs and for better results include 30 minutes of daily physical activity and avoid habits that harm your health.

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