Obesity, prepare your mind to combat it

Obesity, prepare your mind to combat it


Obesity, prepare your mind to combat it

To start an endeavor of any kind, first we have to investigate, study, to know how to do it, fight obesity is the same we must ask advise a nutritionist to develop a diet according to the needs of each, according to the results of the blood tests to detect our levels of sugar, cholesterol, hemoglobin among others.

So preparing our minds to accept the challenge of eliminating all the excess kilos we have to reach and maintain our ideal weight is very important and is the basis of success. Here are 4 key suggestions that you should focus before you start losing weight, follow them and you will see that they will help you achieve your goal:

  •  maintain a positive mind

Negative thoughts will make you doubt your strength to take on the challenge of reaching your ideal weight, not only for your most important beauty even for your physical and mental health. It will also affect your mood and self-esteem, you will eat much more, aggravating the problem of overweight and the relationship with others. Eliminate thoughts such as: “i do not serve for this”, “i will never achieve it” those negative thoughts, will only put a barrier in your resolution to lose weight. For all these reasons maintaining a positive mind is the key to success.

  • Be realistic

propose achievable goals in the period of time according to the advice of your doctor. Do not start this process thinking that quickly you will be thin, just as it took years to accumulate the kilos, so it will take you years to get rid of them. Consistency is one of the pillars of success. It fulfills the expectation of the amount of kilo per lapse of time that your doctor gave you, remember that not all bodies react the same, some take less time and others more, so do not get discouraged and move on.

  • Incorporate a routine of low impact physical activity daily

Such as walking 30 minutes at a rapid pace and while doing so keep your positive thinking will make you feel better because the walk will help you eliminate stress and insomnia, while you are burning calories. When you arrive at your house, you do 30 minutes of dance therapy, which is dancing and moving your body to the rhythm of the music with exercise movements: flex the legs like the dwarf-giant game and tip (fingers) – heel, arms as if you were climbing a rope, swimming, lifting weights. Feel free to move while having fun.

  • Meet with optimistic people

Good friends, and family, communicate your goals, so they will support you as for example, avoid talking about caloric foods, encourage you to do physical activities with them, etc. That will make you feel better with what you do.


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