30 rights and obligations for all

This campaign seeks to fulfill 4 main objectives:

  • Explain synergy between Rights and Obligations that reach everyone.
  • Course of learning them.
  • Understanding of each concept.
  • Disclosure course.

Common sense puts us in front of the understanding of the synergy between Rights and Obligations.We all know that every Right goes hand in hand with an Obligation, regardless of our social, economic, religious or political sympathy.

Surely when hunger rages and someone gives us bread, someone else will need a glass of water and there will be to fulfill our Obligation.

The Obligation represents the most altruistic way of saying THANKS.

La organización brinda cursos The organization offers courses on Rights and Duties, based on the most visible rights contained in the declaration of Human Rights. We want you to attend, get involved so that you become a diffuser of this topic.


These courses allow us to correctly interpret each concept, each application before different circumstances. They train us and nurture us as better human beings, finding in solidarity a primordial reason to apply.

Disclosure is the apostolate of all good deeds, enriching the land on which we set our best hopes. The set of Rights and Obligations are common to all human beings, without distinction of social class, creed, race or religion. Knowing them nourishes us with the best tools to be able to demand and comply with them in equity.

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