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Our Pillars


Educating us goes far beyond of acquiring rigid knowledge of institutions. "Honrar la Vida" goes beyond that.


It is preferable to prevent than to cure, better to protect than to rescue. "Honrar la Vida" implies the education of the individual.

Rights and duties

Fulfilling our duties and enjoying our rights is "Honrar la Vida".


For and only for children, because good does not exist in itself, but it is done. Only in this way can we "Honrar la Vida".

New project


We have volunteers from around the world, through universities that send their students to meet a period of nine or twelve months, during which we are university tutors and we rate their performance. These qualifications integrate their curricula and provide them with an exceptional life experience.

The Ambassadors of “Honrar la Vida” program is integrated by national and foreign volunteers who currently reside in the country or in other regions and disseminate, convene, connect us with governments, organizations, companies, groups of students seeking a free internship and represent to the organization where they have to meet.
Our most sincere gratitude, for your dedication, effort and perseverance to each and every one that we keep in a corner of privilege in our hearts.

Collaborate with the program, make your donation

Together with gaseous water factories, we reward our donors for the value of their contribution in products of mass use of these famous brands that we deliver in their areas.
We continue to incorporate new companies that cooperate through their production facilitating the products.

Since 2009, together with the University of Quilmes, the "Honrar la Vida" Foundation continues with its campaign "Food for equality"

Made up of cans of 50 rations of industrialized natural foods under special conditions

The qualities that this product highlights:

  • It does not require special storage conditions, regardless of the climate to which it is sent.
  • You only need two cans of water in a pot and let it boil for a few minutes.
  • Add the contents of the can.
  • 50 rations are obtained.

This product is exported to various parts of the world, with major catastrophes (earthquakes, wars, floods, etc.), mitigate extreme famines and is distributed in disadvantaged areas of our country.

It is provided by the UNQUI, National University of Quilmes through the Chair of Food Technology,

carried out by professors and students of the chair with voluntary effort.

The value of the cans of product is paid, giving the children their vaccination calendar, to the mothers the Papanicolau smear and the mammography, to the male parents beginning their fifth family food and economic support of their family. Attending job courses or trades also generates resources to cover the reinforcements. We interrelate other organizations with our beneficiaries in order to increase their capacities and abilities to achieve their social self-sufficiency.


Our founder and his influences

Our founder, Mr. Abelardo Juan José Safons, is a member of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem commonly referred to as the Knights of Malta.

This organization with centuries of trajectory in the world with remarkable characteristics in the area of health. The Hereditary line, places it in society as open, conciliatory, of mutual respect for the genders, multiconfessional, open to dialogue.

Always willing to receive in your bosom any person of good will, of outstanding trajectory in disciplines developed in benefit of the community.

Sir Abelardo Juan José Safons Brondes, Founder of “Honrar la vida”


Conjugates the expression of joy that helps, highlighting how fun it is to participate with our friends, acquaintances, coworkers to participate in these events that combine the action of joining food reinforcements for children, needy mothers to remove them from the state of acute malnutrition.

Bimonthly meetings creates the reason to meet with people who are in other countries than their origin, meet, depart, with nationals or young people in identical situations from different countries and together in a day where we can meet habits, customs, gastronomy, art, dances, from other cultures, at the beginning of the night in a nice safe place, with controlled entrance, spacious, with nice music and well equipped bar, we develop dance until the dawn crowded by a melting pot of nationalities where we will have the unbeatable A chance to meet and converse with people from every corner of the world. With the value of the advanced entry, as with the values of the consumptions, it is applied to the acquisition of Food Reinforcements, base of the program.

Ayudar es divertido--fundación-honrar-la-vida

Each participant is awarded a diploma for their altruistic cooperation in sustaining this program, only possible thanks to the efforts of our volunteers and the people who attend these events, combining fun with humanitarian aid channeling through the Foundation “Honrar La Vida”.

Health outreach campaign

We carry out dissemination campaigns that we offer to Medical Societies, pharmacological, scientific societies, for the general public, places in particular, public and private hospitals, such as the use of advertising, technological means of full scope.

“National Course on Prevention of Diabetes and Hypertension.”

Developed in the world through the vast experience gathered over the years, training at the end of the classes to be able to spread to third parties true knowledge about this terrible disease that plagues our society, silent, harmful, of great consequence for health , causing ailments as severe as the one that is responsible for the poor quality and sometimes the death of the patient can with knowledge, avoid it.

We will wait for you!

Healthy practices

NEW SECTION – Healthy practices.

In “Honrar La Vida” Foundation, we also care about health disclosure and therefore every week we provide information on health in general, where we recommend several healthy practices in order to maintain a good physical, mental, emotional and nutritional health , learn more about our Recipes, Healthy Pantry, Juicetherapy, DanceTherapy and more. Enter and meet this fabulous section to stay actively healthy.

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