Helping is fun

It combines the expression of joy that comes from offering help, highlighting how fun it is to do it and participating with our friends, acquaintances, coworkers in these events that combine the action of joining food reinforcements for children, needy mothers to take them out of the state of acute malnutrition.
The Helping campaign is fun, it is based on two equally important phases:

Ayudar es divertido--fundación-honrar-la-vida

Training for facilitators in the joy that comes from offering help

Volunteers act as facilitators, because they are the ones who are most involved with the cause and are part of it. The facilitator explains and disseminates the meaning of this humanitarian action by holding an event among people with common interests who come together to get help to people who need it.

The registration and purchase of the ticket to this event, which is only attended through a closed list, allows among other reasons to provide security for the attendees, to know with whom they will meet, to develop new friendships, to apply experiences for our upcoming destinations and to attend to a cultural event of a different nature. Thousands of reactions in a night that represent the feeding of weeks of those who need it are achieved by this means.

Ayudar es divertido


Ayudar es divertido

The basics that feed these actions are sustained in providing between 10 and 12 hours of entertainment, cultural show, dance, party, by means of the amount of the entrance and the advanced consumption that each one acquires according to his desire.Knowing that equal or lesser amount of any other party or similar entertainment, this contribution is intended in its entirety to the purchase of food reinforcements and that everyone can go consulting hour by hour on the boards.

Among several distinctions, each assistant is given a diploma of assistance and the Volunteer logo of the Foundation “Honrar La Vida” can complement, if desired with the incorporation as Ambassador of Peace of the organization with the diploma and credential that proves such condition, besides being able to acquire the filmic or photographic sequence of the event.

Contact and Information

Ayudar es divertido--fundación-honrar-la-vida

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