Helping Is Fun

Ayudar es divertido

Helping Is Fun combines the expression of joy that you feel when you help people, highlighting how fun it is to do and participating with our friends, acquaintances, coworkers to participate in the action of joining food reinforcements for children and mothers in need to remove them from the state of acute malnutrition.

The registration and purchase of tickets to this event, which is only attended through a closed list, allows us to provide security, develop new friendships, apply experiences for our next destinations and attend a cultural event of different kinds. This means thousands of reactions in a night that will represent the feeding of weeks of those who need it and by volunteering, our foundation gives you the diploma, credence and volunteer logo as ambassador of peace, besides being able to acquire the filmic or photographic sequence of the event.

We can all donate or give our time and talent to help those who need it most. Do you want to live an unforgettable experience of solidarity? Be a volunteer in our Help Is Fun campaign. If you wish to participate, contact us through this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Do you know the Food for Equality Campaign of our "Honrar La Vida" Foundation?

Our mission in this program is to provide effective solutions to food needs within communities, whose conditions of age, disability or poverty, allows them to receive food reinforcements and the transformation of eating habits for a better life and together with the University of Quilmes, we work on bringing a quality diet through the use of the Super Soup.

Know the canteens in which we have worked voluntarily, thanks to our Campaign Food For Equality click here to learn more. Collaborate with our Food for Equality Campaign, make your donation by clicking here,

First Diabetic and Hypertensive Diabetology School in Argentina

Due to the alarming figures that are increasing year after year in sick people with diabetes and hypertension, in our Honrar La Vida Foundation, we give ourselves the task of creating the First Diabetic and Hypertensive Diabetology School in Argentina, which aims to educate Diabetic and hypertensive people of their delicate medical condition, how to control it and provide a better quality of life for them and their families.

For this reason, in our Honrar La Vida Foundation, we created the First Diabetic and Hypertensive Diabetology School in Argentina. Our main mission is to group and inform the diabetic and hypertensive  people, through classes and informative talks, which will take place in the ambulatory centers, schools, schools and other centers near their community, everything concerning diabetes and hypertension for that they learn to control it and act in the situation that deserves it.

The First Diabetic and Hypertensive Diabetology School in Argentina is mainly based on educating and including the following benefits.

Health outreach campaign

In our Honor La Vida Foundation, we actively work in the Health Outreach campaign, which is responsible for guiding people in health prevention, by promoting the various health care services focusing on meeting the needs and rights of the community. Most needy population, offering them the necessary tools to meet their requirements, through the cooperation of medical centers, in order to keep them in a healthy state, guiding the needy in demanding their fundamental rights, including the right and guarantee of using the health services.

Healthy practices

In foundation to honor life, we also care about health in general, where through our campaign of healthy practices we recommend our recipes, juice therapy, dance therapy and more several healthy practices in order to maintain a good physical, mental, health, emotional and nutritional. Enter and meet this fabulous section to stay actively healthy, we give you important information for you and your family how to stay healthy.

World Volunteer Program

The programs can be for educational support, where volunteers teach language classes or general knowledge, care for children or seniors, community development or some programs for sports. All of our volunteers volunteer with their hearts and selflessly; It is an experience that will undoubtedly make you more human, it will make you see the reality of the world and you will meet excellent people who will positively mark your life forever. Public and private organizations are dedicated to creating these programs, in all of them the requirements are that you are of age, that you enjoy good health, that you have an open mind and a big heart.

Looking to the Future in "Honrar La Vida" Foundation

The Looking to the Future campaign has been developed due to the need to improve the quality of life of those people who have a limited vision and who do not have the necessary resources to correct their visual problem, providing them with an immediate solution to their visual problems that need to be attended, being evaluated to obtain your prescription for free, depending on your diagnosis.

In special cases, we have a legal study, composed of lawyers specialized in appeals for protection, before social security and public health establishments, managing to be treated as the law indicates.