Code of ethics


The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to demonstrate the self-regulation capacity of the Foundation “Honrar la Vida”, strengthening the identity, the professional culture and the participative work environment.
Through this systematized set of rules of conduct we preserve the necessary and stimulating environment that each volunteer needs to give the best of himself through a horizontal and multidisciplinary organization. Personal growth translates into the growth of the foundation.

Regulating ourselves and being critical with our performance allows us to dynamize our vision of the reality that surrounds us, allowing us to correct the course whenever it is necessary. Being part of “Honrar la Vida”, implies accepting these values and principles, the Code of Ethics, is non-negotiable.

Volunteers, as representatives and messengers of the Mission of the Foundation “Honrar la Vida”, they must act in accordance with good manners and goodwill. They must comply with the Code of Ethics in order to promote a new Holistic Paradigm that drives us forward.

Code of Ethics: Values and principles

  • Teamwork: Multidisciplinary input and debate contribute to human and professional development.
  • Constant Training: It is the basis for professionalizing our work and achieving our objectives.
  • Commitment: It is the source of motivation of our work team that drives the unconditional commitment to the other.
  • Humanity: We believe in life and honoring it represents our essence.
  • Freedom of Expression: We defend the right to express ourselves freely, even in those concepts with which we disagree.
  • Diversity: We accept and nurture ideas and customs different from our own. We promote human dignity, difference and respect.
  • Solidarity: We foster the spirit of collaboration within the work team and with society.
  • Confidence: Let’s consider that credibility is the basis of our actions in personal, internal and institutional relationships.

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