First Diabetic and Hypertensive Diabetology School in Argentina

The first diabetology school for diabetics and hypertensives in Argentina

Due to the alarming world figures that are increasing year after year in sick people with Diabetes and arterial hypertension, here at the Foundation “Honrar La Vida”, we give ourselves the task of creating a new social program that aims to educate diabetics of their delicate medical condition, how to control it and in this way achieve a better quality of life for them and their families.
The great importance of educating diabetics about their disease will be the fundamental tool for their control, since unlike other diseases, diabetics should not take a pill or inject insulin in the morning, and forget about their condition. They must be alert all day.
For example, not meeting the meal schedule or skipping a snack can affect your blood sugar level, making your condition worse. Therefore, they must know the effects of these factors, in order to control their health condition.
It is estimated that with proper care of the feet and good control of sugar and blood fats, 75% of all amputations in a diabetic person could be dispensed with. As well as, inform them of the great need they have to consult the health professionals involved with diabetes, including: Endocrinologists, Podiatrists, Cardiologists, Nutritionists, Bionalists, Laboratories, Dentists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Ophthalmologists, Nephrologists, Gynecologists and Urologists. That is why part of this program is the creation of diabetic and hypertensive clubs.
The main mission of the Clubs for diabetic and hypertensive people in our “Honrar La Vida” Foundation is mainly to educate, but we also include the following mentions:
1. Group and inform each one, who can be accompanied by a relative who lives with the diabetic person, by means of classes of 2 hours once a week, which will be taught in the ambulatory centers, schools and other centers close to your community, everything concerning Diabetes and hypertension so that they learn to control it and act in the situation that deserves it.
2. Give each participant their respective pledge and card indicating their condition of diabetic and hypertensive, which includes: Full name, identification, phone. of contact, if it is insulin-dependent and blood type. (This information is indispensable in any clinical emergency situation).
3. Inform them about Diabetes and its complications.

4. Promote changes in habits to achieve a better quality of life.
5. We will weigh and measure each patient, knowing their food preferences, for the elaboration of their respective diet prepared by expert professionals in the area of nutrition, taking into account the corresponding sugar levels according to their results in the medical examinations.
6. Deliver low-calorie recipes, sodium hypo (also known as the low-salt diet), refined sugar-free, rich in comprehensive ingredients and easy to prepare, so that they have a better choice in the menu of their meals.
7. Compliance with therapies, and incorporation of the patient into the Risk Prevention program.
8. Control and treatment of diabetes and hypertension for a healthier life.

Objective and purpose:

You are the first, the initial part of this special program of our Foundation “Honrar La Vida”, which is of high social impact and will be multipliers or spokespersons of it, to help each other, family, friends and neighbors.