Health Outreach

Maintaining optimal health is essential to live the daily challenges of daily life, so it is important to rescue those values that inculcate the prevention of diseases and this is possible through our Health Outreach campaign.

In our “Honrar La Vida” Foundation, we actively work in the Health Outreach campaign, which is responsible for guiding people in health prevention, by promoting the various health care services focusing on meeting the needs and rights of the community. most needy population, offering them the necessary tools to meet their requirements, through the cooperation of medical centers, in order to keep them in a healthy state, guiding the needy in demanding their fundamental rights, including the right and guarantee of using the health services.

We also guide people in the use of technological information tools through our website, which allows them to learn how to effectively use these resources to avoid or prevent diseases.

We focus on giving talks about the sanitary measures required in order to prevent diseases, highlighting the fact that we have qualified personnel in the health area, who provide support to the communities to carry out our objectives in schools, hospitals, clinics and even within the communities together with the active members of the same.

Divulgación sanitaria