The founder of “Honrar la Vida” is Mr. Abelardo Juan José Safons Brondes, he is a persistent, tenacious person, who moves with clarity, knowing where he is going and where he wants to go. Unlike the many altruists that Hollywood sells to us, Abelardo was not a rich man of cradle, overcoming the most adverse conditions he managed to establish the achievements, by their results you will know them, and with these results Abelardo and the team of “Honrar La Vida”, seek to transmit the message of no big obstacle and that you propose it you can achieve it. The paradigm shift is the ultimate goal.

There were no children in the streets, wandering by themselves, the boys lacked autonomy and were not considered subjects of right or opinion, they lacked voice and decision.

An extremely authoritarian social stage, due to the strong incomprehension of the world that predominated in those days.

In his journey through life, he learned Latin and to play the piano, while at the same time he knew the harsh reality of life on the street and the marginal situations that this entails.

He wandered through Institutes where they were assigned to small for irrelevant reasons together with early delinquents, which may mean the beginning of the school of crime, since the system was designed for these results and nobody wanted to change it. In these places ignorance prevails among young people and families of young people under the tutelage of the system, the letters were thrown so that all this was the prelude of a criminal. But at a good time, his maturity is produced and thus, through observation, analysis and meditation, he develops a strategy to survive successfully in a violent world. Continuing this way the development of “Honrar La Vida”.

With the firm decision to abandon that social situation there are two paths to choose in life: the one practiced until that moment with apparent success, or turn the boat 180 degrees to become a full citizen, good human being, devoting part of his time and effort to transmit the assimilated experience so that no one has to suffer or go through it, and here begins to clearly glimpse a purpose to teach others to Horar La Vida as he learned it.

Incorporating knowledge, instruction, together with the experience and expertise that accompanied him during these hard times, he begins to achieve professional, commercial and social achievements in national and international spheres.

Abelardo Safons - -fundación-honrar-la-vida
Abelardo Juan José Safons Brondes, Founder of Honrar la vida

Traveling allowed him to compare and learn, to go through different scales and social positions, and to see that traveling is not to observe different passages, but to see the same places with different eyes, this allowed him to achieve the three aspirations that he aspired from a young age:

1) Form a family, 39 years ago, three children, two females and a boy, two granddaughters of a daughter and my son.

2) Being part of an organization with a trajectory and world recognition, with centuries of existence, the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, commonly known as the Knights of Malta

3) The third wish, to give back something of how much life offered him, the good and the not so good. From both he learned and forged a social vision, from here “Honrar la Vida” is born.

It only had to obtain a legal identity, so that its maximum dream can materialize within the legal scope.

In 2003 he got it after almost 10 years of hard work to achieve it.

In these almost two decades he reached achievements and at other times he crossed the threshold, but he always remained firm in pursuit of what he considered to be right to try to do for the common good.

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