Equal opportunities

What does this concept so uncommon in society mean?


According to our vision, equal opportunities are the result of each child being guaranteed free health prevention, the motivation and help necessary for the development of skills as well as proper education.

The tools or wills cited make up our social contribution, in its dissemination, learning, understanding and application through our courses, talks and developments from our activities.

Let's separate the straw from the wheat

Who are the social actors? The inescapable guarantee of these Rights is exclusively of the National, Provincial and Municipal State, and the direct responsible for demanding these Rights from the State are the parents. We act as social reinforcement in agreement and mediation with parents and State, as external actors, overseeing problems that we try to solve, creating tools and providing help to the State and parents, being primary and direct responsible for their provision and application in society.

The creation of policies and methodologies, applied in other societies where they have a beneficial social impact, inspire our programs that we make freely available to all society, its authorities, families, companies, governments, the home of study, for its diffusion and application in the places that show some problem with the indicated deficiencies.


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