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The Foundation “Honrar la Vida” It is the product of a dream. Of commitment and dedication. It is the desire to believe that you can be better, but beyond, Honrar La Vida is our way of being grateful for the privilege that we enjoy having what we have.

“Honrar la Vida” It is a foundation that seeks to serve the most needy, because we are aware that they are the future.

What is the use of living a radiant and prosperous present when tomorrow our legacy will not be significant?

Over the years we have learned that because we put our energies on the wrong targets we get transient results, with little transcendence in the generations and that exhaust us unnecessarily.

However, dedicating a life to help those who need it, opens gaps in multiple planes, far from exhausting us, energizes us, but most important of all, it is the enormous pleasure of giving a real opportunity to those not so favored as us . To honor life, in the words of Jesus of Nazareth, is to know that it is better to give than to receive.

The foundation Honrar la Vida, born of being aware of that principle. Due to this, what we now recognize as an inclusive, articulating, horizontal and nourished space of capacities is forging. All this provided by those who form the fundamental pillar of this team: The Volunteers.

Honrar la vida

Volunteering is Honoring Life

What does it take to be a volunteer? Is a special preparation necessary?.

The answer is no. Anyone with a heart aware of the importance of our work is an ideal candidate to participate. The yearn and desires to contribute to our mission and vision as well as the subjection to our ideals is the only requirement to participate.

Professionals, executives, housewives, workers, intellectuals, students of almost all social stratum, religions and political sympathies, have been part of the ranks of our foundation. As if this were not enough, in the history of our foundation there are records of volunteers and interns from many parts of the world. There is no other limitation than being willing to Honrar La Vida.

Diversity is one of our strengths. We build from dissidences, understanding that all opinions are valid and we know that growth is collaborative and therefore we consider team work. Collective success is superior to individual success. This is also Honrar la vida.

We recognize that the Family is the substantial foundation of formation, and that it nurtures character, convictions and enables us to reach the desired goals from our earliest age. Therefore we seek to impact this structure from its foundations, because only then will we achieve true transformations in future generations.


What we harvest will depend on what we plant

We are convinced that there is only one thing that is certain: we will always harvest, but nevertheless, what we harvest will depend on what we sow.

We will work to choose our best crop as we teach this principle to others in order to make it an eternal reality in our society.

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Honrar la vida

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