Looking to the Future

The “Mirada Al Futuro” campaign has been developed because of the need to improve the quality of life of those people who have a limited vision and who do not have the necessary resources to correct their visual problem, providing them with an immediate solution to their visual problems that need to be attended, being evaluated to obtain your prescription for free, depending on your diagnosis.

We are constantly looking for collaborations between communities, hospitals, civil organizations, schools, among others. Collaborating through the communities, an organized census of those people who have visual impairment with lack of resources, to give them the possibility to check themselves and offer a feasible solution to their difficulty or impediment.

When the communities provide us with their censuses, we plan and coordinate the dates of management, so that all the people registered, can organize their visual evaluation, receiving free diagnosis and the indication of the necessary values for each case, in order to deal with your treatments. Then, by informing us of the lowest cost between different opticians in the area and adjacent, charging only 50% of the best budget, delivering in 48 hours lenses at social value.


In this way we offer the most economical possibility, since by not treating your problem in time, it tends to become complicated and can result in irreversible problems in your visual health.

In special cases, we have a legal study, composed of lawyers specialized in appeals for protection, before social security and public health establishments, managing to be treated as the law indicates.