Line of thought

New Holistic Paradigm

The Foundation is guided, practiced and disseminated through “The New Holistic Paradigm”, which is a current or way of life.


From a young age, Mr. Safons fed his spirit with altruistic ideals: like contribute effectively reintegrating to society part of what she gave him among others, represented the ideology of the Knights of Malta and exposed his thought through thought of the New Holistic Paradigm. The foundation of this paradigm is to locate the Human Being as the center of the Universe, from which policies and actions that hierarchize life will be constructed, but always maintaining the center in human life. Because of its holistic nature, it understands that everything is related to everything. Any specific change affects the whole, in an inter-related network of causalities.

In addition, he had the opportunity to be a member of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, commonly known as the Knights of Malta. Today he is part of the Order and spreads his thoughts and objectives.

“When we become aware of the true dimension that this concept contains, the Human Being, the center, we begin to offer equal treatment to our fellow, given that we recognize the human being as the highest vertex of creation.”

Knights of Malta

It is an organization with centuries of experience in the world with outstanding characteristics in the area of health. The Hereditary line, places it in society as open, conciliatory, of mutual respect for the genders, multiconfessional, open to dialogue.

Always willing to receive in your bosom any person of good will, of outstanding trajectory in disciplines developed in benefit of the community.


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