Objectives of the Foundation


The goals of the foundation “Honrar la Vida” they are framed in the achievement of the vision established in our guidelines supported by the mission that characterizes us as a foundation. All our campaigns and activities are based on the achievement of these objectives. Nothing is done to do or to fulfill an agenda or justify a budget, but to work towards our vision through specific systematic objectives.


General purpose

Achieve the transformation of society and individual through the implementation of plans, programs and methodologies that strengthen the inclusion and changes of paradigms of thoughts

Specific objectives

  • Conform a social observatory on the subject of Rights and Volunteering.
  • Generate and manage tools for dissemination, training, information, application and monitoring.


  • Raise awareness of the right to equal treatment and freedom from discrimination based on sex, ethnic or racial origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation and promote a more cohesive society.


  • Encourage a debate on how to increase participation in society through volunteering and raise awareness about the benefits of volunteering.

Strategic line in relation to rights:

Inform, spread and raise awareness about the 30 human rights for all

  • Deepen in the data collection.
    Analyze the problem and improve your knowledge.
  • Sensitize citizens in relation to equal treatment and opportunities.
  • Design and dissemination of materials for professionals in the educational and social services sectors to work on raising awareness in a transversal manner.
  • Strategic line in relation to representation:
  • Create spaces for participation and debate to stimulate and collect proposals in relation to volunteering
  • Promote greater participation of young people and professionals
  • Promote the coordination of the different areas and levels of action. Public Administrations, Civil Society, etc.

Strategic line in relation to recognition:

Strategic line in relation to respect:

Promote the visibility of contributions, so that everyone deserves the recognition they deserve, without forgetting the benefit and collective recognition as the first guideline.

Sensitize and raise awareness about the importance of building a plural society, structured by values of solidarity, mutual respect and non-discrimination.

“This expresses what we are and those who join support this view of society and our actions.”

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