Food For Equality

The Social Food Program for Equality of our “Honrar La Vida” Foundation has been used with the purpose of improving the capacity of preparation and response to the communities most in need.

Our main objective in this program is to provide food reinforcements to people who are in a condition of disability or poverty, who live in low-income communities, guaranteeing them the right to food.

Together with the University of Quilmes, our “Honrar La Vida” Foundation continues with the Food For Equality program and we are currently providing a total of 2 million food reinforcements within the Argentine national territory. This figure we intend to double for next year, in order to combat the high rate of malnutrition.



These food reinforcements are intended for the community kitchens in which we collaborate, mainly in CABA, Buenos Aires, as well as we are actively providing our volunteer service in Santa Fe, Rosario, Entre Rios, Corrientes, Chaco and Santiago Del Estero. Soon we will be active in Salta, Jujuy, Formosa and Tucumán

In the marked provinces, we work voluntarily not only with the distribution of food, but also with help and training in the neighborhood, which includes: talks, informative conferences, which explain the benefits of a healthy diet, in order to promote an adequate food education. Also the participation and integration to our courses and festive events together with the collaborations of local groups.


List of active community kitchens thanks to our Social Food For Equality Program:

  • Asentamiento La Carbonilla
  • Casa Barrial
  • Casa Esperanza
  • Comedor comunitario Bienvenidos
  • Comedor comunitario Cara Sucia
  • Comedor comunitario Carlos Ferreira
  • Comedor comunitario Correa
  • Comedor comunitario del Barrio el Sauce
  • Comedor comunitario Desamparo
  • Comedor comunitario El Deslinde
  • Comedor comunitario Etapa del Asentamiento Fraga
  • Comedor comunitario Florencio Carranza
  • Comedor comunitario Los Aromos
  • Comedor comunitario Luz de Esperanza
  • Comedor comunitario Luz Divina
  • Comedor comunitario Obrador Social
  • Comedor comunitario Padre Antonio
  • Comedor comunitario Padre Esteban del asentamiento Rodrigo Bueno
  • Comedor comunitario Pan y Trabajo
  • Comedor comunitario Por los Pibes
  • Comedor comunitario Se Puede
  • Comedor comunitario Trujuy
  • Comedor comunitario Villa Herminda
  • Granjas Hogareñas
  • Grupo Asunción
  • Grupo Madres del Dolor

The food distributed in the beforementioned community kitchens, are treated with cans that contain Super Soups in conditions of optimum health, pasteurized, do not require cold in their transportation chain and storage, since their packaging has an integral structure, its conservation at room temperature and without uncovering, it gives versatility to storage for a long period of up to 24 months, allowing the consumption of meat and vegetable products, even without dispensing with refrigeration. Neither does it depend on an auxiliary or secondary container for its heating, since it is conserved by the thermal treatment carried out requiring a shorter time of exposure to heat, in this way the nutrients do not evaporate and are conserved in its broth. Each can of 4 liters of Super Concentrated Soup yields for 50 servings.


Our commitment in this Program is to be a driving and executing unit of projects to satisfy the nutritional needs, promoting The Super Soup in the community dining rooms of the communities where poverty exists the most.