Volunteering: good does not exist in itself, but is done

Volunteering is the most noble and disinterested action that human beings can offer for and for their peers, humans.

This seems a truth of truism, it seems that we forget easily and the fact that on occasion we made a sporadic voluntary action, we were already fulfilled.

Difference between Voluntary Action and Volunteering

Beneficios del Voluntariado

Volunteering is the work of people who serve a community or the environment by their own free will. The term also refers to all of these people, the volunteers. By definition, volunteers do not charge for their work.

Volunteering should meet three conditions:

  • To be disinterested: the volunteer does not pursue any type of benefit or gratification for their help.
  • Be intentional: the volunteer pursues a goal and a positive goal (seeking a change for the better in the other’s situation) and legitimate (the volunteer has sufficient capacity to perform the help and a certain consent on the part of the other that allows him / her to help).
  • Be justified: responds to a real need of the beneficiary of it. It is not a pastime or entertainment without more, but pursues the satisfaction of a need previously defined as such.

Volunteering complements the work of public administration and social action professionals, but it should never replace or supplant them. If you agree with these ideas, you are welcome to participate as a volunteer here, you can read the benefits of volunteering here, it is proven that working as a volunteer brings important benefits to body and mind it helps you to be happier, among other things it allows you to take important steps to reach a full life.

Volunteering and support

False is the common idea of some organizations that the volunteer or volunteer as a group, “can not give orders, direct or control, because they are volunteers.”

Currently voluntary action is characterized by its organization, is an integral part of the plans, programs and teams of any entity that involves volunteers with the consequent direction, evaluation and correction necessary for the achievement of the proposed social objectives.

The volunteer has to feel comfortable cooperating physically and intellectually according to their possibilities within the association that has admitted, that has formed and helped in their volunteer tasks, with a behavior in accordance with the principles of the institution.