The volunteer man or woman, young, adult or old, must gather skills, characteristics, attitudes, motivations and basic values that allow him to carry out his mission, the voluntary work entrusted to him with the necessary sufficiency required by the people with whom He will work and the importance of the problems he will have to face.

The volunteer profile that we are going to offer, gathers in a more or less organized way, what the volunteer needs. Understanding that each case is different, we speak only of a generalization of the objectives.

It is possible, surely, that no volunteer or any candidate will be well-developed all the qualities, skills and other characteristics that we are going to point out, but must have, at least, the fundamental elements that, in the training process and in the concrete work, will develop.

But it is important to make clear, that volunteering goes beyond something temporary, if you really want to leave a legacy, it is necessary to consider the fact that volunteering, rather than a fashion, is a vocation.

Honrar la Vida

The fewer features of the profile that we present are present in a candidate, the less likely it is to become a volunteer. This is not a sentence or a discard, instead it seeks to create a real awareness of what it means to be a volunteer.

And it is better for those people who do not meet the profile, as well as for the people who will work with him both in their training and in their volunteering process, to inform themselves before committing to an association, group or volunteer work program , in order to make this task more pleasant.

The ten mirages of Volunteering

As a starting point, it is convenient to know the motivations that a person has to want to volunteer. In the first topic we indicate what a volunteer is and what is not.

In these two sections are indicated the valid and invalid motivations.

Ten mirages of volunteering are listed. Actually they are invalid motivations to volunteer. These are:

1. The willingness to do something for others.

2. Free time available to the needy.

3. The fashion of being a volunteer.

4. Sentimentality.

5. Affective deficiencies.

6. Bad conscience.

7. A brilliant and exclusive organization.

8. The security awareness that belongs to certain groups.

9. Charismatic leaders or flatterers.

10. A remarkable person who suggests it.

It should be noted that those listed are reasons that indicate the lack of valid motivation to volunteer.

Espejismos del voluntariado

Volunteer skills and attitudes


  • Healthy physical, moral and psychological conditions that allow you to dedicate your best efforts to volunteer service.
  • Availability of time to devote to the work of volunteering.
  • Basic human training that allows you to function appropriately in your social and cultural environment.
  • Willingness to train in volunteering service, at different levels.


  • Love, respect and acceptance of the other without discrimination.
  • Discretion about matters that are known during the service.
  • Open welcome and sincere dialogue.
  • Kindness without being paternalistic or creating dependency.
  • Do not make the service a personal matter, or accept gifts or privileges.
  • Sense of justice and common equality as human beings.
  • Preference for the weakest and needy.

This basic set of skills and attitudes can be enriched by others that, according to the kind of service provided by the volunteer organization, become necessary. For example: patience and perseverance for working with people who have physical or mental limitations.


They will depend, they will be in relation with the environment in which they have to move and with the concrete work they have to do.


The skills are the ability to apply knowledge to real life: It is know-how. It is convenient, therefore, to identify what those knowledge and skills are and to establish a way of knowing if the candidate has the minimum necessary. Needless to say, teamwork is a fundamental condition.

Duties and rights of the volunteer

The volunteer has rights and duties that he / she must know and comply with, in order to favor a harmonious environment and avoid complications.

Some rights

  • Be informed about the objectives, policies and programs of the institution, particularly those concerning the field of work in which it collaborates.
  • Receive the necessary training and formation.
  • Participate in the preparation, execution and evaluation of programs.
  • Have the necessary protection measures.

Some duties

  • Prepare, carry out and evaluate, with special care, the corresponding actions.
  • Fulfill the commitments made.
  • Teamwork.
  • To consider as confidential any information to which he has access in the fulfillment of his tasks as a volunteer.

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