World Volunteers

Volunteers of the World is a campaign founded in 2008 by members of the Foundation “Honrar La Vida”.

The constant preaching on the assessment of Volunteering of each and every one of the members of the third sector in all the strata of any organization, the legitimacy that this condition and practice legitimizes and endorses the action, the preaching, the request, the help that provides and that they offer him is incontrastable against the situation of non-gratuity. We do not judge different actions of sister organizations that practice another vision about the gratuity of its members, which if we say that it is wrong to appoint volunteers if the condition of gratuity does not exist.

There are 3 conditions on which this campaign is based:


Right to Receive and Obligation to Return

Voluntarios del mundo

All individuals, even those of us who are trained in private schools, receive the help of society as a whole, economically because all levels of education in Argentina have some type of state subsidy, or in salaries of staff, or in maintenance building or educational plans. Therefore when a student graduates from a public or private university, or a tertiary college, it becomes a healthy habit, that at least a few hours per month on the subject learned or on those that we believe can provide academic, moral and citizen knowledge to the rest of our peers. Among others, this can be a very productive and profitable way of returning something that was given to us.

Volunteer social training

This training, when we did not have the luck to experience it as a child, is a habit that is incorporated like any other, with the difference that this action gives us an immediate gratification to be able to visualize the progress through our contribution.

That is why we invite you to take Social Volunteer Training, which will nourish us with experiences and experiences that will enrich our vision and cultural heritage.


Commitment to the Organization, the Cause and Society

We must always keep in mind that being a Volunteer is a personal, voluntary decision, without any economic rewards, that we decide to assume as a way of life enjoying the recognition of others for our actions and for what we represent, ennobling our lives and allowing our example to spread this healthy social practice.

Become agents of disclosure is a great way to pay for this practice with responsibility and dedication, trumpeting by example, the mother of truths.

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